Face Coverings

20th July, 2020|

You will now be asked to wear a face covering if you are coming to our GP practice for an appointment. This will help protect you, other patients in the waiting area, and staff. Face [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

7th February, 2020|

Please do not book a GP appointment or come into the GP practice, pharmacy or hospital if you have symptoms of coronavirus. You are advised to stay at home for 7 days if you have [...]

Patients Arriving Late for Appointments

3rd February, 2020|

Patients should aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early to take account of queues at reception. We cannot make allowance for external delays such as traffic. If a patient is AT ALL LATE, they will be [...]

PPG Coffee Event

12th June, 2019|

On Wednesday 12th June, our PPG had an afternoon tea/coffee event in the waiting area during PPG Awareness week.  We had four members of the PPG talking to patients about the PPG and anything else [...]

Ramadan 2019

12th April, 2019|

To our patients who attended the 2 evening events held on 3rd and 11th April 2019 for the Diabetes and Safer Ramadan, we hope you enjoyed the evening.   If you want any further information [...]

Change4Life – Sugar Smart World

5th April, 2019|

With 34% of children leaving primary school overweight, Change4Life has launched a new campaign, “make a swap when you next shop”, encouraging families to cut back on sugar. To complement the national campaign, Change4Life has created interactive lesson [...]