Designed to Save You Time

PATCHS is an online consultation service that allows you to quickly and easily access GP services.
Answer a few simple questions and PATCHS will get you the help you need.

  • Quick & easy to use – just answer a few simple questions to get started
  • Avoid long waits for a GP appointment
  • Access PATCHS through your GP practice website or your smartphone, at a time that suits you
  • You can access a range of services: GP consultations, health advice, fit notes, medications & more
  • Video Consultations

How do I get started with PATCHS?

How Do I Get Started with PATCHS
  1. You can create an account for PATCHS via your GP practice website. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and set a password.
  2. Once you have created an account, you can access PATCHS by clicking the link on your GP website or opening the PATCHS app on your smartphone. Login by entering your email address & password.
  3. Choose the appropriate option and answer a few simple questions to help your GP understand your problem.
  4. Your answers are sent to your GP who responds as quickly as possible. Initial responses may be via online message or phone, with face-to-face or video consultation appointments scheduled if necessary.

How to contact us with PATCHS

This quick step-by-step guide shows you how to contact us for yourself or someone else (like your partner or child).

You can tell us about new and existing health conditions and ask for things like sick notes or other admin requests.