Information About Our New Telephone System

Our GP Partners have spent thousands of pounds upgrading our telephone system which now works as a call centre. We have a call queue which will allow 30 people to hold until their call is answered by reception or they disconnect the call themselves.

If this call queue is full and 30 people are holding then you will hear an engaged tone or a message which will tell you that we cannot take your call at this time, please try again later. In this instance you must keep trying until you enter the queue. Once you are in the queue you will hear a recorded message which will tell you if all routine appointments have been taken for the day.

Our telephone system allows us to access call recordings instantly and to run call reports that will clearly show if a call has been disconnected by us at our end or if the patient has disconnected themselves or lost signal.

In the last 4 weeks we have had over 20 reports of lines being cut off and in each instance the reports have proved that the line has disconnected at the callers end.

I hope this gives all of our patients the added reassurance that calls cannot and do not get cut off.

If you have experienced any issues with the phone system, other than the length of time you have waited, please contact who will direct your enquiry to the relevant team.